Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hair Removal 101

Its coming to the year end and everyone is busy with their shopping and getting ready for the New Year. The Chinese New Year is just like in 2 months and its time to look good. Removing unwanted hair is the next thing to do this year end. 

Of course you all would know that there are many different types of hair removal processes. Some resort to shaving to remove the unwanted hair. Some do waxing, some use cream to let the hair drop off, and some use electrolysis to remove the hair. But there is a method here which is quite popular now in Singapore for hair removal by reducing the hair growth and roots.

Let me now share with you the different types of hair removal we have discussed earlier.


Shaving is inexpensive, quick, and you can do it at home. I would not recommend shaving the hair on your face because it will grow back quickly. Instead get that hair waxed or removed with laser hair removal.  There are two main problems associated with shaving.  The first issue is that the hair grows back quickly since you only remove the hair at the skin’s surface, not the root.  The second problem associated with shaving is really a myriad of problems:  red bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs. (By the way, it is a myth that shaving will cause hair to grow back thicker and darker) Using 
moisturising shaving creams and a sharp, new razor when you shave can help eliminate those problems, but I would recommend waxing or having laser hair removal instead if you continually suffer from those problems. Both of those hair removal efforts involve an investment of both time and money on your part, but I feel both are well worth it for the results.


Aesthetics doctors spend a lot of time in school 
practising waxing.  Practice makes perfect basically. Waxing removes the hair from the root so that it takes a lot longer to grow back – between 6 to 8 weeks usually. There are plenty of home wax kits that you can buy and try in the privacy and comfort of your home, but ideally I think you should leave waxing to a professional especially if you want your bikini areas and face waxed. By the way, never wax your own eyebrows! That is just a recipe for disaster; leave it to the professionals.  Tweeze at home if you need to touch up your eyebrows.  Waxing is actually more complicated than it appears. The aesthetician needs to understand how the hair grows in the area that is being waxed, what temperature the wax should be at, and also needs to prepare the skin properly before the wax treatment and treat it properly after the wax treatment. Like I said -  perhaps you want to leave this one to the professionals. Also it is extremely important to sanitize while waxing. So if you do go to a spa for waxing be sure it is very clean. Another reason to go to a spa for waxing is the fact that wax is messy. It drips everywhere very easily and is not easy to clean once it has dripped.  Waxing can be quite painful so if you have a low pain tolerance; take a painkiller about an hour before your treatment. The area that has been waxed can remain red and sensitive for a long time after waxing; you can even bleed from waxing. Personally I’ve been red for an hour or more after waxing. So I wouldn’t plan on going on a date right after having your upper lip waxed. Waxing leaves your skin very smooth, but you can breakout after waxing.


Electrolysis is the only permanent form of hair removal since it kills the hair bulb at its source with electricity. I’ve never tried electrolysis, but I know from a friend who has that done and is quite painful. It also takes a long time to get the desired results from electrolysis, and as far as I know, it’s a very painful procedure and you need to have extreme high level of tolerance to pain. Else, this method of hair removal, is just a dream. Of course, the numbing cream if you apply, will not really give you the numbing effect for this procedure. We are talking about electricity. Ouch!

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is becoming more and more and more popular for a reason – it works. Results vary so don’t expect a miracle when you do laser hair removal. But I definitely think that if you have the budget for laser hair removal you should try it. I had IPL hair removal on my bikini area and it worked wonderfully. Do not go to a place that guarantees to remove all your hair permanently with laser treatments. It is actually illegal to make that claim.  There are so many different types of lasers in the market and new ones are coming out each day. Glad that my machine is one of the newest in the market.

Do give me a call if you need to enquire about laser hair removal. I would be glad to see you and explain to you in details. Call Dr Cindy Yang today.

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